More Specialised Services


Prime Auto Care has a modern workshop with all the facilities and equipment necessary to service and repair today's hi-tech vehicles.


We can service your new car

Our computerised manufacturer's handbook service scheduling system ensures that your car is maintained by the book.

4WD Drive Service, Maintenance and Repair

The technicians at Prime Auto Care are specialists when it comes to 4 wheel drive vehicles. From manufacturers hand book service procedures to complete engine replacement we do it all.

Air Conditioning

We are vehicle air conditioning specialists. We service, maintain and repair air conditioning of all types. We can retro fit older air conditioning units to take the new environmentally friendly gas.

Injector Service

Many workshops subcontract injector cleaning out to other workshops. At Prime Auto Care we have our own sophisticated cleaning and testing equipment. We know that the injectors that we put back into your vehicle are completely clean and serviceable.

Wheel Alignment

As a suspension specialist we can advise you when your front wheels require an alignment. Poor wheel alignment can cause premature tyre and shock absorber wear. When you drive out of our shop after a wheel alignment you can be confident knowing that your vehicle's steering geometry is correct.

On and off car disc machining

Your safety is important to us. Brake disc rotors can get glazed [shiny] which affects your vehicle's stopping power. Disc rotors that are buckled or grooved can be dangerous. We can machine your discs while they are on the car, saving you the expense of removing the disc and rotor from the vehicle.


As vehicle suspension specialists we stock and recommend Monroe Shock Absorbers.

Shock absorbers degrade over time. Tests confirm that having at least one worn shock may compromise vehicle safety.

Give yourself peace of mind. Call us or book a service online and have your power steering and suspension components checked.

Specialist Car Services